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Adv. Namrata Mishra Felicitated by UP Police

Advocate Namrata Mishra at 1090 Poweline


The 1090 Women Power Line (WPL) was set-up as Uttar Pradesh Police’s answer to a very inimical problem plaguing the Indian society: sexual harassment and at its roots misogyny shrouded in the patriarchal mindset of our society. However it also accepts calls from women related to marital and family related complaints.

What makes this initiative unique is that:

  • All calls are received by only women operators.
  • Identity of the complainant is not disclosed.
  • Complaint can be lodged by the victim or any other female on behalf of the victim with her consent.
  • Confirmation calls are made to victim by WPL
  • Marital Cases are attended by expert counsellors and lawyers upon request
  • WPL enjoys 97% success rate of resolving marital and family related complaints.

Advocate Namrata Mishra has been associated with the 1090 Power Line Wing of UP Police in association with UNICEF. She was invited to Lucknow to participate in discussions with other stakeholders and UP Police officials about how can the service be bettered. At the end of the program, Adv. Namrata was felicitated by Additional Director General of Police Traffic (Lucknow) and Women Power Line 1090, Anupam Kulshrestha (IPS) for her contribution as a professional in counselling complainants and victims on need basis.

Speaking on the occasion, Advocate Namrata Mishra said, “One of the biggest advantages of being a professional is that you get numerous opportunities to learn, grow and evolve by exploring different approaches and dimensions to become limitless in your area of practice. I am truly humbled to have completed 3 years as a Counsellor working with 1090 Women Power Line wing of Uttar Pradesh Police and UNICEF, which has attained the distinction of successfully resolving 97% of thousands of marital and family-related complaint cases received online by adopting Counselling methodologies.”

The 1090 is also called as the Women and Child Wing of UP Police.