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Integrated experience & Global Presence

From POCSO, POSH, Family disputes, divorces including cross border divorces, criminal cases, taxation issues including cross border and transfer pricing issues, arbitration, PILs & more; our experienced team has handled cases from every forum and every court. Adv. Namrata Mishra along with the senior team of lawyers give personalised attention to every case. All our senior lawyers are expert speakers who have been invited to deliver talks on various platforms and for conducting training sessions in their areas of expertise across India. We also have a network of associates globally so that we fit the cliche – one stop-shop for your legal matters.

Why Advocate Namrata Mishra?

What makes us different


With a proven track record and an experienced team of legal experts, our aim is to get our clients the best possible outcome.


Our team’s endeavour is to capture every nuance of the case, strive to attend every aspect of the issue & ensure the interest of the client is protected.


Legal issues can be very challenging for the client and we try to give a humane face to it by keeping the client informed of all developments.


Case Experience

The core team at the Chamber of Advocate Namrata Mishra has a collective experience of 200+ years in litigation & non-litigation areas. They have represented in thousands of cases for their clients clients in multiple courts and legal forums. They are experts in long pending cases related to POSH, family law, criminal cases, taxation issues including cross border and transfer pricing issues, arbitration, PILs and others. Every major educational institute in India desiring POCSO compliance or seeking an opinion on POCSO cases has consulted Advocate Namrata Mishra. She has also trained nearly 1 million students, teachers and staff on the nuances of POCSO and its compliance, she sits on the Internal Complaints Committee as a chairperson or member for a number of listed companies and is a director in select companies, giving her a unique benefit of understanding the practical issues faced by clients.


Our Team

Advocate Sunil Mathur

Adv. Sunil Mathur

Independent Legal Practitioner

(Criminal & Civil Law)

Advocate Namrata Mishra

Adv. Namrata Mishra

Independent Legal Practitioner

(POCSO, POSH & Family Law)

Advocate Noopur Singhal

Adv. Noopur Singhal

Independent Legal Practitioner

(POSH & Civil Law)

Advocate Dheeraj Kathpal

Adv. Dheeraj Kathpal

Independent Legal Practitioner

(Taxation & Financial Law)

Advocate Namrata Mishra

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